Vo Fletcher


Guitarist/Vocalist Vo Fletcher has been entertaining the public for most of his adult life. He’s worked with such luminaries as Fairport Convention, Nigel Kennedy, Rik Mayall, Brent Ford & The Nylons, Catherine Howe and is a member of The Ric Sanders Trio. On solo gigs he exhibits a wide range of accomplished styles and a huge repertoire. Including, but by no means limited to: Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Paul Simon, Kinks, Van Morrisson, Elvis, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Everlys, Country, Folk, Irish and Blues.He has been described as a ‘Guitar Nut' and exhibits symptoms of what we call in the trade ‘Gas,’ (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.) When asked ‘how many guitars does one bloke actually need?’ He replies “Just one more!” His engaging personality comes across at gigs where audiences are thrilled, moved and entertained




To contact please email: vo.fletcher@btinternet.com

Or call: +44 (0)7801 067386